doodh made by happy cows


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  • Is this cow milk?

    Yes! Its 100% pure & fresh cow milk.

  • What does happiness have to do with milk anyway?

    Looking at the milk market in India, we saw how cows, farmers, customers were routinely cheated out of being happy by ‘mass manufacturing’ and greedy middlemen. So we started with the idea of ‘whole and happy milk’ that would connect everyone we work with.

  • Do you own the cows?

    No we work with farmers on contract basis. We give them a premium because of which they follow all our practices. India being a ‘land of farmers’ we decided to make use of this age-old strength to create quality.

  • Tell me more about your farmers?

    We train our farmers to take better care of their cows and farms. We give them milking machines. We open banking accounts for them and help them get loans. Ours is a long-term relationship; we want to grow older and happier together. More here.

  • What is the breed of cows? Are they jersey?

    We have Holstein Friesian; black and white spotted cows. See them here.

    Jersey is another breed from Australia.

  • What does woohoo mean?

    It’s the sound our cows make because they are really happy. Or maybe we are just imagining things.

  • Are there any kind of hormones injected to the cows?

    No, we try to keep the environment and processes as natural as possible. Usually, this is done by farmers to increase the yield as they receive pennies per litre, we give them a premium to avoid the same and maintain the milk quality.

  • Can we make byproducts e.g. ghee

    It is not possible as the milk is homogenized in which the fat molecules are broken down & are evenly distributed. However, cottage cheese & curd can be made and is yummy!

  • What is so different about your product?

    We work with farmers (in Ranjangaon) on a contract basis where they have to follow certain practices like;

    1. Open housing system where none of the cows are ever tied. See the benefits here.
    2. No hormones are injected to the cows to get more milk from them
    3. Cows are given RO purified water
    4. Only milking machines are used, no hands!

    The milk is then collected, tested for adulterations, pasteurized, homogenized & delivered at your door step in a cold chain
    (4 degrees centigrade) within 24 hours of milking.

  • How long does this milk last?

    3-4 days. It’s as pure as pure can be. Only that it needs to be refrigerated at all times as its absolutely free from preservatives.

  • Can we heat the milk?

    Yes! If you like it warm & nice!

  • Is it also available in half litre cartons?

    No, however we do have an alternate days subscription plan if your consumption is half liter a day.

  • Is this organic milk?

    We are not legally certified as organic yet, however, the practices we follow are nature aligned; natural fodder like lucern, jowar, maize grown without any chemicals or pesticides, not tying up the cows at any point which gives them the freedom to eat as much & drink as much purified water they want, not making the cows produce more than what they should via hormones.

  • I consume only half litre a day, is there a subscription plan for the same?

    Absolutely. There is an alternate subscription plan so the milk is delivered every other day. Order the alternate plan here.

  • Does the milk need to be boiled before consumption?

    There is no need to boil as the milk is pasteurized.

  • Where is your production factory?

    Umm, actually we don’t have a factory. (Even the thought of cows standing in long lines makes us sad.) We have a plant, though, in Ranjangaon, about 50 kms. outside Pune.

  • What is homogenization?

    Homogenization is an entirely separate process that occurs after pasteurization. The purpose of homogenization is to break down fat molecules in milk so that they resist separation. Without homogenization, fat molecules in milk will rise to the top and form a layer of cream. Homogenizing milk prevents this separation from occurring by breaking the molecules down to such a small size that they remain suspended evenly throughout the milk instead of rising to the top. This makes every sip of woohoo doodh creamy & smooth.

  • Is this a tetra-pak?

    No, this is a gable top/milk carton launched for the first time in India, made out of 6 layers of paper unlike a tetra pak which has aluminium foil & layers or paper. So, this is recyclable in any paper mill and also collected by our delivery boys if left outside.

  • The milk I have seen till now has a tinge of yellow which isn’t there in your milk.

    Yes, the yellowness is a layer of fat in the milk, the fat in Woohoo doodh is completely broken down and distributed evenly throughout the whole batch of milk so that every sip tastes the same.

  • Why’s your milk more expensive than others?

    Being fresh, safe, natural, eco-friendly etc. isn’t cheap. Even though we are young, we have invested in the world’s best technology for everything, from caring for cows to milking them to processing & packing. And since we are small, we have to try harder to persuade, train and check farmers to adopt practices and initiatives they are not used to. All of which costs you-know-what.

  • Do you have any discounts?

    Yes we do! Check them here.

  • Is it charged on monthly basis? How does it work?

    Yes it is a monthly payment system. It’s Rs.70 a litre and accordingly Rs. 2100 for daily and Rs. 1050 for alternate days. You pay in advance but if you are running a surplus or shortage on some day then you can leave us a message according to your need and the litres are carried forward in the next month.

  • What are the subscription plans?

    There are two; daily & alternate and this is a prepaid model so every month in the beginning the payment has to be made. Order woohoo now here.

  • What time do you deliver?

    6.00 am to 8.30 am on good days!

  • How do I contact you for any kind of alterations i.e. pause/stop

    You just need to text/call/whatsapp on 7030 22 8800 (its there on our pack as well).

    Also for any alterations to be taken, please let us know before 6 PM the previous day so that the changes can be incorporated in the deliveries.

  • Can I pay online?

    Yes. You can pay using Debit/Credit/netbanking.
    Click here.

  • How do I login to make the online payment ?

    Just put in your registered mobile number and type in the OTP. Click here.

  • I am unable to login and pay. Can I make an NEFT transfer?

    Yes. Account details for NEFT transfer: HDFC bank, Current A/c, Company Name & No.- Happy Beverages and Foods Pvt. Ltd.,50200012635219, IFSC - HDFC0000052

  • Can I pay through cheque?

    Yes. Payable in favor of ‘Happy Beverages and Foods Pvt. Ltd.’ Please write your Name & mob no. on the reverse side of the cheque leaf.

  • Do you take card or cash?

    Yes, we accept manual swipe machine/cash payments, but would advise you to avoid it. Please call us, we will schedule a collection date & time within 2 days and send our representative. We encourage our consumers to pay online to save time, resources and provide better service.