doodh made by happy cows


our promise

we will always make fresh natural milk, deliver it to our customers within 24 hours of milking & make everyone happy along the way.

our values

we are starting small. but that’s the thing with happyness - the more you share it, the more of it there is. to remember who we are as we grow, we always ask these five questions in all we do:

every drop of woohoo doodh is always natural, fresh & untouched by human hands. our open farms ensure that our milk is the best it can naturally be. so do our tech, doctors & delivery processes.

of course, our customer & investor folks matter. but no more than everyone else who makes woohoo work: our cows, our farmers, our scientists, our home-delivery guys, our earth…

we work with only those who share our beliefs, follow all our practices & (here’s the tricky part) who do so, not ‘coz they must to work with us, but also ‘coz they agree this is how it should be.

we’re in this for the long haul & we believe happyness is about having fun along the way. in all that we do next & all the places we decide to go, we will remember this & never fall asleep at the wheel.

we are idealistic about making a better future. we expect to make mistakes & continue to learn from them. as we grow, we will redefine what happyness means to us in our habits and in our heart.

our woohoo-walas

Rahul Uppal,

Founder & CEO

Sujit Jain,

Non-executive Director

Kaustubh Kamat,

Design Head

Salil Goyal,


Harmandeep Sokhi,

Head - Pune Operations

our investor

Established in the year 2000, Netsurf is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in India. In over a decade of its existence, Netsurf has introduced the Indian market to a number of innovative and result-oriented products; which have always helped consumers to solve day-to-day problems more effectively, and thus live better lives. The quest for excellence has not been restricted to products.