doodh made by happy cows


it’s pasture to Pasteur all the way through

Milked, Homogenized, Pasteurized - all in less than 5 hours; untouched by any human. Other than Dr. Pasteur’s 150-year old hand in the process, that is. Good ole Louis would sure be proud of how we do our doodh:


At each farm, every
cow’s teat is cleaned
before milking at her
farm. The milk then zips
through a wiring
mechanism into steel


Then on to the
Homogenizer, whose
high pressure breaks
and distributes all the
good fatty stuff till each
drop looks and taste
equally... umm milky.


Dr. Pasteur takes over
from there, chilling it at an
even 4º Celsius for the
whole time it is being packed,
stored & delivered.
This temperature ensures
that no bacteria or other
bad guys stand a chance.

Since there are no preservatives woohoo needs refrigeration

Woohoo is pasteurized & you don’t have to boil it

Woohoo stays good for 4 days after milking.

Nutrition facts

(Per 100ml)

62.2kcal of energy

3.2g of proteins

3. 8g of total fat

2.2g of saturated fat

6.2g of carbohydrate

44mg of sodium

126mg of calcium &

8.5% SNF


preservatives, colours &

other fake stuff