doodh made by happy cows


each farmer is a proud mommy & daddy

Look at this Ashok Chavan. Seems like a young, handsome guy. He even owns a three-acre farm in Nimgaon near Pune. But he's already got a family of six.

Cows, of course. They gave about 60 litres of milk yesterday. Not much compared to the 14 cows, 28 acres and 100 litres his neighboring Chaudhary’s pulled. In fact, Ashok's the smallest of the ten farmers working with us.

Because all of them love their cows. Love to play with them every day. Love them enough to keep coming to our school and study how to take better care of them. Parents going to school for their kids, now that’s some real love.

They even pledged before Ganpatibappa to never adulterate their milk. We believe them. So we gave them shiny milking machines for their farms & opened new bank accounts for them. Next, we will help them get loans. Because this is a long-term relationship; we want to grow older and happier together.